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  • Residue of food additives and agrichemicals significantly contaminate our
    bodily fluids.

  • 80% of newborns have allergies, caused by mothers’ tainted bodily fluids.

  • Dioxins are detected in breast milk.

  • Good water is the key to cleaning up tainted bodily fluids.

  • Drinking water is an age-old way of staying healthy.

  • There is water that eliminates active oxygen.

  • Results of recent research have indicated that water has the power to inhibit the growth of human cancer cells.

• Cleaning power... Strong power to clean and dissolve

• Excellent extraction effect... Quickly softens

• Dissolving power... Strong power to dissolve and break down

• Thermal conduction... Quick transfer of heat saves time

For removing kitchen grease and grime

  • Unleash the power to remove tough grease from exhaust fans and range hoods, and grime on cutting boards, knives, dishes, etc.

  • Use for removing yellow toilet stains, and for removing grime from kitchen cloths, brushes, floors, and cracks and crevices.
  • For removing vegetable rawness. Quickly remove the rawness from bamboo shoots, wasabi, flowering fern, etc.

• Excellent extracting effect... Acts to soften

• Dissolving power... Acts to dissolve and break down

• Thermal conduction... Quick transfer of heat reduces boiling time


Make your everyday cooking more delicious.


We recommend using Kangen water with a pH of 9.0 and 9.5.


For removing the strong rawness of vegetables such as burdock


Remove the rawness from vegetables such as burdock, green onions, bamboo shoots, wasabi, flowering fern, etc.


For steamed cooking


Bring out the flavor of vegetables that are soft when finished.
Use fewer condiments, and reduce your salt intake.


For cooking rice


When used for rinsing and cooking rice, a nice sheen is produced when boiled. Recently harvested rice is plump when boiled, even if not pre-soaked for a long time.


For tea and coffee


Increase the color, brightness, and aroma of full-flavored and fragrant tea.
With strong extraction power, a small amount of leaves is OK.


For mixing with distilled spirits such as whiskey


When Kangen water is mixed with highly acidic drinks such as whiskey, the flavor becomes mellow, and hangovers are prevented.
Use with other liquors, too. Enjoy the mild delicious flavor.


When drinking with highly acidic foods


Drink Kangen water when eating acidic foods such as meat or egg yolks.
An alkali and acid balance can be maintained in your body.
Also use in cold brew barley tea, Japanese soup base, boiled beans, or use it to treat hangovers or sickness from overdrinking.


Use when taking medicine or preparing baby formula  

Remove chlorine, rust and cloudiness to create delicious drinking water.

Clean water should be used when preparing milk for babies, and when taking medicine, because Kangen water is quickly absorbed by the body.


• Astringent action... Tightening action
• Cleansing power... Cleaning action  

For weak acidic beauty water that creates healthy skin   Acidic water, which is output when generating Kangen water, is recognized as having a firming effect on the skin.  

As an astringent (firming) water   Use acidic water just after a bath or shaving, when your pores are open.
It acts to keep pores open.
When acidic water is mixed into bath water, the body becomes comfortably warm.  

Use as water for boiling noodles and in tempura batter   Provide a nice texture and luster to udon, soba, and pasta, etc. Enjoy the gourment taste of raw udon and soba. Also perfect for noodle rinsing, tempura batters, and boiled eggs.
And more: (Cleaning) For glass, eyeglasses, gems, knives, and polishing metal, etc.


• Disinfecting power... Excellent disinfecting effect
• Cleaning power... Antibacteria  

As a disinfecting water for everyday life   Remarkably strong disinfecting power. Because hygienics is performed with water, there is nothing safer than this.  

For cleaning and disinfecting knives, cutting boards, kitchen cloths, etc.   Clean and disinfect in and around the kitchen, which is a breeding ground for germs. For a more powerful disinfecting effect, clean with strong Kangen water before using strong acidic water. Because of the strong acidity, metal that rusts easily should be wiped with a dry cloth.  

For cleaning and disinfecting hands   Strong acidic water is also a powerful disinfectant for germs on your hands.
Its disinfecting power can be used in a variety of other ways, such as for cleaning toothbrushes and brushing teeth, as water for gargling, for cleaning skin, etc. Use also for removing tea stains.
• Household hygiene / Beauty salons / Hair salons / Food processing
• Nursery schools / Daycare centers / Farming (greenhouse)
• Families with elderly members / Pet shops
• Nursing homes, etc.


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